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SEASONAL- November 10th

Seasonal: Allison McGarity and Taylor Smith

The next big holiday that we will have is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very meaningful holiday to a lot of people. The sad thing is, not everybody knows the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Most people just cannot wait to get the yummy food that their family fixes: turkey, ham, dressing, and desserts, but we have to remember that is not the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday that is the fourth Thursday in November, this year falling on November 23, 2017. Thanksgiving is a day that we all gather together not only give thanks to God, but also all the other special things with which we are blessed. It is important we pay back our thanks to God for all he has done for us.

Now that you know the true meaning of Thanksgiving, I hope you will take time to reflect on this special day and really give thanks to what matters.  Remember to spend time with your family and cherish the memories that will last a lifetime.

Another Thanksgiving tradition would be the many decorations that go up around this time of year! Of course these traditions don’t amount to Christmas, but they are just as fun to do!

This greeting sign is a perfect decoration to welcome relatives over the Thanksgiving Holiday. First, you simply get an old tray and paint a layer of chalkboard paint on the inside. Then, add autumn branches and bittersweet berries for a seasonal finish! This “DIY” is simple, quick, and cute! You can also swap in evergreen and holly for the Christmas holidays!