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REVIEWS- November 3rd

Reviews: Taylor Smith, Gracie Page, Chloey Davis


Here are this weeks TV, movie, and book reviews!

Television: Taylor Smith

Hawaii Five-0, a television series about an elite crime investigation unit, was remade and released on September 20th, 2010. This show is not just another CSI or Criminal Minds. It’s funny, different, and overall a great show! It is based off Leonard Freeman, an American television writer and producer, who was the creator of the CBS series Hawaii 5-0 in 1986.

Alex O'Loughlin plays the lead role as Detective Steve McGarrett (former Navy Seal), and Scott Caan plays the “sidekick” Danno. The detectives are part of an elite task force whose goal is to fight crime in Aloha State. Former Honolulu Police detective, Chin Ho Kelly, who was wrongfully accused of corruption, was added to the force during the first episode. Chin's fresh-out-of-the-academy cousin, Kono, also joins the team as she tries to establish herself among the department's elite. This team comes together as a bunch of misfits, but as the series progresses, they turn into a family. Hawaii Five-0 isn’t just about fighting crime; it has a very personal storyline throughout the show.

I highly recommend starting this action packed series. There’s not a second you would want to miss on this show, as each episode will have you looking out for more! Compared to many of the solemn and grueling TV series out there, this one is a great change! This series has eight seasons, each on Netflix, and available to watch now!

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Book: Gracie Page

Personally, I enjoy reading when I can find a good book or have been recommended one, but it is not something that I do very often. I find it hard to squeeze time in to sit down and read during the school year. When I do happen to pick up a book, it is normally during the summer while on the beach. With this being said, I have not read a book while in high school, but I did have a favorite series while in middle school.


The Series of Unfortunate Event books were my favorite in middle school and have been my favorite since. As silly as it sounds, I found these books very interesting. They were weird and cooky but always managed to keep me interested. The book consists of three siblings: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. Their parents died in a tragic house fire and they were sent to live with a greedy relative, Count Olaf. The books are tales of their adventures fleeing from him and finding more information about their mysterious death.


Another factor that sparked my interest in the books was the movie. Like many people, once you watch a good movie, you are more likely to want to read the books. After watching the movie, I found one book in the library and read it. I then went back to read more and soon fell in love with the series. Although their considered children’s books, this series will forever be one of my favorites.


Movie: Chloey Davis

Halloween is right around the corner so it's only right that I review one of the best Halloween movies for this week’s review. Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite Halloween movie and is a classic. It was first released in 1993 on Disney and has been a family favorite since.

Hocus Pocus takes place in Salem where Max Dennison has recently moved and gets himself caught up in the legend of the Sanderson sisters. Max, his friend Allison, and little sister Dani take a trip to the abandoned Sanderson house and rundown museum where he lights the virgin candle. It didn't take long for the witches to come back to life and resume with their sinister plans. Now it is their responsibility to capture the witches and save the town’s children with the help of a talking immortal cat, Thackery Binx, and Billy Butcherson before the witches finish their spell. Time is ticking for the three and they have until sunrise to stop them.


Hocus Pocus is a great Halloween movie for the whole family and is my personal favorite! I hope you have a great Halloween and get a chance to watch this awesome movie.