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One Act

Sports: One Act: Ellie Jourolmon


One Act has an exciting season coming up. This year they are presenting the play “Reunion on Gallows Hill“. The play is about the Salem witch trials. It will be performed on October 28th and the students participating are: Emma Williams; Hester, Rachel Allen; Good, Lindsey Rice; Martha, Lexie Partain; Patience, Madison Clements; Rebecca, Savannah Willingham; Jessica, Faith Greer; Nancy, Abigail Rushing; Cynthia, and Madison Brown; Debbie. To be casted in the play you have to audition for a part and you are asked if someone else happens to get the part are you willing to take another role instead. The practices are on every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6:30-8:30.


The advisor of One Act is Mrs. Tracy Brown. To be part of One Act, you have to audition in front of judges. Since One Act is a GHSA sport, students who participate must not be failing two or more classes, have to have a physical done, and have to sign a concussion form. This season, there are a total of 22 students able to participate. If the students make the team they are required to pay for their books, but there are also fundraisers you can participate in to help pay. Since the numbers of students who want to participate in stage crew have increased, students have to get teacher recommendations filled out.


To prepare for their upcoming competition, the One Act team will try to do a showcase to the public on either October 21 or October 22 for one of their fundraisers. This showcase will be held at the ECMS auditorium. The One Act team has only one competition to compete in and if the win region they will be able to continue to state. This year’s competition will be held on October 28 in Eatonton, Georgia. After talking to Faith Greer, she says “Competitions are my favorite part of One Act because you can meet other kids that share the same interest as us. Also, this year could also be one of the best years yet.” Come out and support our One Act team this season!