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Where are they now?- Clay Page

After high school, we often lose touch with our fellow classmates. As the years pass, most begin to wonder what people they used to know are like today and how they are doing. Us still in school might question what those who have already passed through are doing with their lives now that they have obtained their Blue Devil education and how they are applying that in the real world. Here at ECCHS, we are proud to call Clay Page a graduate!


Clay Page is a 2012 ECCHS graduate. Throughout high school, his life was heavily influenced by music. He started singing at local events like festivals, private gatherings, benefits, and also competed in many singing competitions that landed him very special opportunities. The start of his singing career sparked an interest in writing his own music.


After graduation, Clay furthered his music career by playing other local gigs and even some in places like Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. He opened up his own studio in Elberton called Southbound Productions where he produced his own music and helped produce others’ music. Clay has recently announced some exciting news. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee in order to further his music career! We wish him the best of luck, and we are proud to say that Clay will always call Elberton home! Once a Blue Devil; Always a Blue Devil!