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Friends Helping Friends


Friends Helping Friends: Elizabeth Vaughn


One of my favorite clubs is Friends Helping Friends. Friends Helping Friends is a club that gives members opportunities to develop friendships with special needs children. You can participate in events like the FHF pageant which lets special needs kids have a chance to spend time on stage, which they may not get to have other wise. They also have a “Night to Shine” dance where they go to a prom-like dance and everybody focuses on making it their special night. It's such a great club because unlike other clubs everybody in the school can join. All you have to do is fill out a form and get in your service hours. Another great thing about Friends Helping Friends is that you can go on trips with the kids and do different activities with them. Some examples of things you can do with them is going to the Braves game, Fun Field Day, and the FHF basketball game. If you are looking to join a new club and/or want to help students with extra special needs, definitely consider Friends Helping Friends!