• INTERVIEWS- December 8th

    Teacher Interview with Leslie Johnson This week for our interview we decided to learn some more about our Daily Buzz crew. The Daily Buzz produces ...  Full Story

  • SPORTS- December 8th

    Sports: Allison McGarity and Lily Johnson Welcome back from the break, ECCHS! While we were gone, the football team lost during the second round of...  Full Story

  • REVIEWS- December 8th

    Christmas is right around the corner at only 24 days away! We have officially entered the time of Hallmark movies and hot chocolate. Christmas is a...  Full Story

  • CLUBS- December 8th

    Clubs: Taylor Smith and Gracie Page The next few weeks will consist of many different activities for our clubs here at ECCHS. Whether it be prepari...  Full Story

  • SEASONAL- December 8th

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone is starting to put up their Christmas trees and other decorations. There are so many cute DIY projects that ca...  Full Story