North Springs Charter High School

Our Mission

North Springs Charter High School is a school community committed to providing Excellence, Equity and Excitement in Education. This mission is captured in our school logo, created by our own graphic arts department!

Our Vision

North Springs Charter High School is a school of higher learning where our focus is on student achievement for all students. 

Our Commitments

To ensure that all students succeed, we are committed to:

  • Providing every student with a quality, well-rounded high school education.
  • Creating a personalized course of instruction that best meets each student's individual interests.
  • Creating multiple pathways to rigor and relevance based on students' individual strengths.
  • Recognizing all students, faculty, staff and community members for their achievements.
  • Using data to identify what is essential to know.
  • Setting high expectations that hold students and adults accountable for improvement.
  • Providing students with real-world application of skills and knowledge.
  • Creating a curriculum framework that drives instruction.
  • Providing sustained professional learning focused on improving instruction.
  • Recognizing, hiring and retaining experienced faculty with expertise in their field.
  • Establishing and maintaining a safe and orderly school.

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