At Ford Farm, we have worked to create a peaceful environment that promotes and encourages plant and animal life. Whether you are a hunter, a nature lover or just want to sit and rock on the porch, we hope you enjoy your visit.

We have eight hunting courses and our guides, dogs and hunting buggies are ready to make sure you have the best possible quail hunting experience. We hunt in the morning and afternoon, with a big, Southern-style lunch. You can come for the day, or plan to stay overnight for as long as you like. We have taken a lot of time and care in constructing the beautifully rustic and inviting accommodations you see at the farm.

The buildings on the property are restored originals or reclaimed structures we have moved from other locations around the region and rebuilt with loving care. Even the “new” buildings, such as the Cook House and the hot tub, were constructed with reclaimed materials wherever possible. We searched high and low, bought, begged and borrowed the materials used here. It has been a labor of love for each person involved.