Over the last 37 years of filming outdoor television programming for Ultimate Outdoors with Wayne Pearson, I have had the opportunity to visit some of the best outfitters in the country….and some bad ones as well.  I have never recommended one of the bad outfitters to my friends and I have no intention of starting now!  Unless the outfitter gives 200% toward making the experience exceptional and protecting the investment of the guest, they are not considered for inclusion in this program for premiere outfitters only.


Along those same lines, I know that with Eddie Michael’s background and experience, he will do a great job recommending an outfitter to you that will make your investment the best possible.  He will find the perfect location for your outdoor adventure whether is for the trip of a lifetime or your annual getaway.  He has the resources you need and want for both corporate groups or individual trips and he will continually monitor the success of each trip to make sure that it is run with the highest integrity possible.




Wayne Pearson