Meet the Wire Crew

Harleigh Price

Harleigh Price started filming Football highlights her Sophomore year. Her Junior year she started working as an AVTF intern and hosting Wildcat Wire alongside Bailey Pelletier. Harleigh plans to attend college and major in Sports Management, hoping one day to own her own professional sports team.

Eli Legg

Eli Legg started filming home Football games his Junior year. In his Senior year, Eli started directing live streams and began Wildcat Wire. He plans to attend Georgia Southern University after graduation, majoring in Multimedia Film & Production.

Harrison Taylor

Harrison Taylor is also part of the AVTF film program and interns alongside the other five members of Wildcat Wire. Harrison has created advanced graphics for social media campaigns during sport seasons. He produces shows for livestreams, including Countdown to Kickoff. Harrison also serves as one of the hosts of the Halftime Report, Concession Critics, and Basketball Break Show. After graduating from RHHS, Harrison plans to pursue a degree in Sport Management.

Rafael Shimov

Rafael Shimov throughout his senior year has been the lead camera operator during Football and Basketball games. Born in Israel, he moved to the United States during middle school. Rafi also takes an interest in eating, particularly SUMO as his first choice of lunch.

Camryn Knight

Camryn Knight started film with being and anchor on Wildcat News. Afterwards, she became an AVTF intern and has been helping out with live streams and productions ever since. In her freetime, you can find Camryn drawing or playing games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate.