Mission Statement

The purpose of Commerce High School is to graduate students who have mastered the content to be prepared for post-secondary education and/or the workforce.

The mission of Commerce High School is ensure that we do everything possible to help each child maximize achievement and establish a pattern of life-long learning.


Commerce City Schools

The Audio Video Technology and Film Pathway, allows students to work with their hands and collaborate on fun, interactive projects while working in a production studio setting. Using state of the art technology, students complete projects in designing, writing, producing, editing, and filming. Students will also develop business and effective communication skills as they learn to interact with clients and customers. Topics covered in the entry-level course may include, but are not limited to the following: history of mass media, terminology, safety, basic equipment, script writing, production teams, production and programming, set production, lighting, recording and editing, studio production, and professional ethics.'

Audio Video Technology

Audio Video Technology