The purpose of KYDS is to provide information and entertainment to students at Youree Drive Middle AP Magnet School and the surrounding community. KYDS exists to serve the students, staff, and community as a medium of communication and to provide a learning experience in some aspects of television production for students enrolled in the KYDS program.


Why KYDS? Several students asked why we chose to call our TV station KYDS. Well, it is really simple.

In the United States, the vast majority of stations east of the Mississippi River have call signs beginning with "W". Exceptions include: KDKA (Pittsburgh), the first commercial radio station in the world, and KYW (Philadephia). Callsigns of US stations west of the Mississippi River generally begin with "K". Among the grandfathered exceptions to this are WDAF (Kansas City), WTAW (Bryan, Texas), and WACO (Waco, Texas), all issued before the rule took effect.

And, of course, YDS just stands for Youree Drive Spartans.