Students are involved in MossyCreekTv broadcast events at Mossy Creek Elementary School such as morning announcements, community programs and messages from the administration.  Mossy Creek TV is a division of WTVN-Warrior TV.  Students are encouraged to continue their broadcasting education and training when they enter the middle school program and advance on to the high school program where they will receive advanced training on industry standard equipment and get to broadcast over 150+ live events a year.

Mossy Creek Live Player

Mossy Creek Elementary School Live Player

To clearly view live broadcast without any issues you must have 800kbps or higher download speed. Please go to and Click "Begin Test" Do NOT click "Start Now". If your download speed is greater than 800kbps and you have any issues please CONTACT US to let us know.

Start Time: Friday, July 20 | 10:41 AM ET