Using FTP is one of the fastest and most stable ways to get your videos to your platform.  Here are the quick and to the point instructions on how to use it.

​1. Install Filezilla.
Windows download link
Mac download link

2. Click File>Site Manager or Ctrl+S

3. Create new site. Enter in for the Host. Use your username and password that you use at 

Then click connect. You will not have to enter in the information everytime. It will be saved in Site Manager, you will just need to go navigate to it and hit connect.

Then FileZilla will show you the drives of your computer on the left and the server on the right.

Navigate to your video on the left screen that you want to upload, then right click and select upload.

Then it will show the upload status at the bottom of Filezilla.

Then it will show up in "Successful transfers".

The video will then transcode and will be available on your site!