ESE Networks Point to Point System.


After many years of producing live events and travelling to many venues, we have learned that most setups do not include a close location for internet access, or they have very limited wifi.  We have put together a system that solves this need and provided it to our clients by creating a wireless link between two highly directional radios.  The system is setup on two light stands with sand bags to keep it from blowing over in the wind. You will put one radio outside the building (or in a window) that has network access, run the cable inside to the power adapter and then into the wired network.  Then you will put the other radio at your broadcast location and then run the network cable into the power adapter and then into your encoder.  The only requirement that the radios have, is that they do need to see each other to connect.


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or call us at 1-866-687-5534

System includes:
2x radios
2x antenna to light stand adapters
2x 9ft light stands
2x sand bags
2x 6ft network cables
2x 50ft network cables