Widgets allow you to customize the format of your page. Think of it as a custom Menu Item. We are always adding more widgets for you to play with.
Current List of Widgets: 
HTML - You can input custom HTML code in this widget. Useful for custom navigation like the homepage of this site. Notice how the homepage has graphic buttons that you can click on. Also you can put polls or forms from sites like jotform. Put up an Instagram feed or a Twitter widget.
News Listing - This will show your latest news entry. Look at this schools main page for an example: Mustang TV 
Countdown - This will countdown to whatever live event is coming up next. Countdown widget example: Mustang TV
General Listing - You can use this for an FAQ section or job listing just to name a few. General Listing Example: City of Stockbridge
Staff Listing - Example of Staff Listing: City of Stockbridge
Calendar - List upcoming events, meetings, games, and more! Calender Example