Download windows 10 tool here:
Microsoft Direct:
Run the program:
It may take a few minutes but you will get to a screen like this.  Click accept.
You will want to Upgrade this PC only:
Depending on your internet speed downloading Windows 10 make take a few minutes or a few hours.
Accept the license terms and conditions.
It will then check for updates.  This might take a while.
In this case there was not enough space to upgrade windows.   Make sure you delete anything that is in your Recycle Bin and move videos to your D Drive.  If you cannot free up enough space, call us and we can delete the Adobe Cache from your drive and help free up space.  You can also click Free up Space:
After that you can click install.  This will take a while and restart a few times.
Once it has finished and taken you back to the login screen, you will need to uninstall your Blackmagic Capture Card Drivers and download and install the updated drivers.
Click on start and then the gear icon to get to settings.
Click on apps
Scroll Down to the Blackmagic Design Desktop Video click on it and then click uninstall.
After it uninstalls it will ask to restart.  MAKE SURE YOU RESTART.
After restart download the Blackmagic Drivers Here:
After it is downloaded Right Click and click “Extract All…”  You can click next on the extract all page.
Once it is extracted, double click on the file highlighted below.
Follow thru the prompts and then when you get to the restart page, click yes.  MAKE SURE YOU RESTART.
After you restart you will see this screen.  DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETE!!
After the computer has restarted, hook up a camera and open Wirecast and check for video.  That’s it!