Live Event Setup

To create a new live event you need to log onto your admin page and click "Live Events"
If this is your first live event entry click "Add". If you have made events before you will see a list of them here. Click on a previous live event if you wish to edit the title or dates.
Once you click "Add" you will be taken to the Live Events page. Here you can title the event, find your Encoder Information for setting your stream up in either Wirecast, Vmix, Adobe Live Encoder, or Tricaster. If you do not see any Encoder Information then please call us to setup a training time.
****UPDATE 8/1/2016 You now have to enter your Username & Password in your streaming software. The Username and Password are located in ENCODER INFORMATION when creating a LIVE EVENT****
Further down you can set the Start Date and End Date. Pay attention to AM/PM when setting the time!
Hit "Submit" to create the new event. Your new Live Event will be listed under your Live Event Menu Item. If you want the event on your Home Page then click on Site Settings in the Admin Page.
Once inside the Settings page go to "Related Live Video" and click "Edit". You can now add any live events you have created to your profile page.
When you have finished editing the Profile page click "Submit" to save your changes.