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Convention inspires thousands in Atlanta

The Student Television Network (STN) held its 13th annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia, Mar. 10-13 for more than 3,000 high school and middle school students.

The convention includes a large number of professionally-hosted panels and workshops, helping students grow by learning from members of the industry and from each other. In addition to this, the convention hosts more than 30 onsite contests that give each entry personal and professional feedback. One of the more intense contests includes the Crazy 8’s--eight different contests designed as team building events where students and teachers must submit a video entry in only eight hours.

For the first time, Armand Larive Middle School (ALMS) was represented at the convention with 11 students from its ALTV program. The day before the convention began, the ALTV crew visited CNN and the New World of Coca-Cola. At the four-day convention, the students took part in several workshops and four contests:

The ESE Networks Award was based on each school's website usage of the ESE Networks platform including video quality, ease of use, innovation, live event production, and community involvement. Entries for this contest were submitted prior to the convention and announced during the Friday Broadcast Excellence Awards. This year, eight high schools received either a “Gold” or “Platinum” award from ESE Networks. No middle schools were selected.

In the Spot Feature contest, students had to produce a news feature on a given topic within five hours. Valley Middle School of Carlsbad, California won first place in this category.

The “Nat Package” contest consisted of a story that used only video footage, soundbites, and natural sound without the use of reporter soundtracks or music. The production team had five hours to produce and submit its entry.  The winner of this year’s contest was Wai'anae Intermediate School of Wai'anae, Hawaii.

In the Movie Trailer contest, students were given six hours to produce a 60-second promotional trailer for a fictional movie or movie title. Mesa Middle School of Las Cruces, New Mexico was the first-place winner.

Although ALMS did not place in any of the national contests, the convention provided students an opportunity to observe and learn from peers from across the country and to improve their video production skills through a variety of professional workshops.

Next year’s convention will be in Anaheim, California in March 2017.