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Craft Achievement Gold award given to ALMS

Armand Larive Middle School has been awarded the Gold Award'in the Student Television Network's Craft Achievement Award contest featuring ALTV's work during the 2017-18'school year. This is the second'time ALMS has been recognized in this national contest.'In 2016, ALMS received the bronze'award.

The judges looked'for programs that show'excellence in the following criteria:

  • - Videography
  • - Writing
  • - Editing
  • - Lighting
  • - Sound
  • - Graphics
  • - Content Creativity
  • - Content Diversity
  • - Technical Complexity
  • - Overall Impression''

To enter this contest, we showcased products produced during the past year on ALTV's ESE Networks website. This is a major accomplishment for our ALTV program, thanks to the effort of all of our ALTV students past and present.