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Closed captioning comes to ALTV

ALTV is providing closed captioning in its monthly student-produced ALTV News program. The closed captioning task is performed and edited locally by the ALTV crew. This is preferred to error-prone automated closed captioning systems, such as those found on popular video-hosting websites.  Programs and segments containing closed captions are labeled with the "CC within a TV" symbol. The "CC" symbol indicates that captions are available by toggling them "on" or "off" in the video player.

For many years closed-captioning has provided support for the hearing impaired. The latest research shows that closed captions also provide benefits to others including English Language Learners and students with learning disabilities. Captions can help students process speech heard in visual media. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Labor, the combination of audio and visual information helps students retain that information. In the study, oral-only instruction had a retention rate of 10 percent, and visual-only instruction had a retention rate of 35 percent. However, the retention rate increased to 65 percent using a combination of oral and visual aids.

Several ALTV News programs and individual story segments from the 2018-19 school year have already been captioned. Viewers should be aware that most but not all electronic devices can display the captions. In particular, older devices may be unable to display the captions.


Q - Will closed captioning be available for live programs?

A - No. However, if a monthly ALTV News program is streamed live, closed captions will be added at a later time to the archived on-demand version of the program.

Q - Will the daily morning announcements or sports programs be closed captioned?

A - No.

Q - What about special events such as the 8th grade recognition ceremony?

A - Our goal is to provide captions for the final archived on-demand version of these types of programs as resources permit.