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ALTV to report on solar eclipse

An ALTV News crew from Armand Larive Middle School will be traveling to Warm Springs, Oregon to report on the solar eclipse that will pass through the state on Monday, Aug. 21. The event is expected to draw tens of thousands of spectators in central Oregon.


ALTV’s participation in this event is made possible by the Jefferson County School District, the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline, and the Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium. The ALTV crew will be joined by at least two dozen scientists and students from the University of Washington and NASA plus 50 students from the Warm Springs K-8 Academy.


ALTV will attempt to provide live internet broadcasts from Warm Springs, one at 8 PM Sunday evening, Aug. 20 and the other during the eclipse starting at 10 AM Monday morning, Aug. 21. Due to heavy internet usage expected in the area during the eclipse, a stable internet connection may not be possible. If that happens, ALTV will highlight the event for its ALTV News program scheduled for September.


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