Live Event, 4/6/2018 Dance I Performance

Dance I showcase performance. Curtains open at 7:00 pm. Watch Now


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Unleashed 3.29 - 4.1.16

Unleashed 3.29 - 4.1.16

This week we featured stories about (3.29) a local up and coming band that includes two Whitney alumni; (3.30) a Whitney athlete that balances two varsity sports while maintaining all A's in her classes; (3.31) a middle school teen that competitively rides horses and is trying to make it to the next level; and we ended the week (4.1) with a story about Whitney's wood shop teacher, Mr Ustaszewski, who has been teaching in a high school for over 25 years and has decided this will be his last year of teaching. 
This week's anchors were: Productions - Matt Dazey / Noah Lopez-Koen; News - Nicole Camarda / Hannah Morrison; Sports - Bryon Restori
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