Live Event, 4/6/2018 Dance I Performance

Dance I showcase performance. Curtains open at 7:00 pm. Watch Now


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Unleashed 3.17 - 3.18.16

Unleashed 3.17 - 3.18.16

This week we featured (3.17) our talk show we wrote, shot, and edited in 8 hours in Atlanta featuring anchor Kyle Dowd with the prompt local flavor and (3.18) we featured our morning broadcast show we produced in Atlanta featuring anchors Sydney Brandt and Sarah Murphy with the prompt Good Morning STN. 
This week's anchors were: Productions - Matt Dazey / Noah Lopez-Koen; News - Nicole Camarda / Hannah Morrison; Sports - Alexa Mills
See below to watch the shows: 
To watch Thursday, 3.17.16, CLICK HERE 
To watch Friday, 3.18.16, CLICK HERE