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Unleashed 2.22 - 2.26.16 Ending the Silence Week

Unleashed 2.22 - 2.26.16
This week we dedicated our shows to Mental Health awareness and Suicide prevention to try and end the stigma behind these two topics, and be more accepting on our campus. Each show featured two public service announcemnets and a feature story relating to the week's topic of "Each Mind Matters". We featured stories (2.22) about the defintion of a stigma and how this often prevents those with a mental illness to seek help; (2.23) one man who attempted to take his own life by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge, we took a look at his life after survival and his message to teens who are contemplating suicide; (2.24) a senior at Whitney who opens up about her battle with depression; (2.25) a local college grad and her survival story; (2.26) and we ended the week with a behind the scenes look at a local facility where teens struggling with depression can get help.
This week's anchors were: Productions - Sarah Karver / Jaida Sandhu; News - Sydney Brandt and Kayla Daughters; Sports - Kyle Dowd
See below to watch the shows: 
To  watch Monday, 2.22.16, CLICK HERE 
To watch Tuesday, 2.23.16, CLICK HERE
To watch Wednesday, 2.24.16, CLICK HERE
To watch Thursday, 2.25.16, CLICK HERE
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