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Unleashed 11.30 - 12.4.15

Unleashed 11.30.15 - 12.4.15

This week we featured (11.30) a promo for the 4WRD dance show; stories about (12.1) how a community is helping a teen; (12.2) a Varsity cheerleader who has continued to pursue her passion throughout high school; (12.3) a sophomore who is training a guide dog on campus; and (12.4) we ended the week with a story about choosing a major after high school.


This week's anchors were: Productions - Ambreen Singh / Julianna Bingham; News - Nicole Camarda / Nathan Stroud; Sports - Bre Eastlick

See below to watch the shows: 

To watch Monday, 11.30.15, CLICK HERE
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To watch Wednesday, 12.2.15, CLICK HERE
To watch Thursday, 12.3.15, CLICK HERE
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