Live Event, 10/26/2018 Grant at Whitney

Whitney High School hosts The Grant Pacers. Game ten. Kickoff is at 7:00 pm. Watch Now


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Unleashed 11.16 - 11.20.15

Unleashed 11.16 - 11.20.15

This week we featured (11.16) a promo for the Lady Wildcats; (11.17) a highlight package from Whitney's Division II playoff against Del Oro Football; stories about (11.18) how administration handles school safety; (11.19) a former Whitney who continues to do what she loves on a college campus; and we ended the week (11.20) with a story about a local food bank that teamed up with a business to sponsor a local food drive. 
This week's anchors were: Productions - Kat Buisson / Q Garcia / Matt Dazey; News - Briana Gill / Paty Orozco; Sports - Bryon Restori
See below to watch the shows: 
To  watch Monday, 11.16.15, CLICK HERE
To watch Tuesday, 11.17.15, CLICK HERE
To watch Wednesday, 11.18.15, CLICK HERE
To watch Thursday, 11.19.15, CLICK HERE
To watch Friday, 11.20.15, CLICK HERE