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Unleashed 10.16 - 10.20.17

This week we featured (10.16) a PSA about mental health for the Directing Change contest; (10.17) and a story about senior, Serena Smith, a STARS student who volunteers her time to read books to children at the Rocklin Library; (10.18) and another story about senior, Daria Pond, about what it takes to compete in triathlons and how it has impacted her life; (10.19) and an interview with Carissa Mccrory, culinary teacher, about why students should attend the Wildcat Cafe, a hands-on opportunity for culinary students to show their skills to their peers; (10.20) and to end the week, a story about sophomore, Jessica Franco, and how her instrument impacts the marching band. 

Productions - Mikayla Ayala / Jacob O'Neil 

News - Hannah MacKenzie / Julie West

Sports - Faith Abercrombie 


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