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Unleashed 9.11 - 9.15.17

This week we recognized and spread awareness of National Suicide Prevention Week. We featured (9.11) a story about Capri Recce, the only freshman on dance team, and how she is adjusting to her new life here in California; (9.12) and a story about a senior at Rocklin High School, Christian Louis, who died by suicide last month; (9.13) and an interview with sophomore, Kendall Gimenez, about her volleyball team and their upcoming match; (9.14) and another interview with junior, McKinna Macias, talking about the upcoming tennis match and why people should come support; (9.15) and to end the week, another story about Christian Louis, and how to help someone who has suicidal thoughts.

Productions - Kyla Harrison / Gabi Romero

News - Hannah Morrison / Presley Burgess

Sports - Alex Amrine


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