Live Event, 4/6/2018 Dance I Performance

Dance I showcase performance. Curtains open at 7:00 pm. Watch Now


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Unleashed 11.29 - 12.2.16

Unleashed 11.29.16 - 12.2.16


This week we featured (11.29) a story about a male dancer who improves his skills in the new Dance II Partners class; (11.30) and another story about a junior who is learning how to fly planes; (12.1) also a story about a group who is bringing'positivity'to children across the west coast; (12.2) and the final story of the week about a senior who had a collapsed lung but still continued his passion of playing the trumpet.'

This weeks anchors were:'

Productions - Bethany Oh / Sarah Gardner

News - Ethan Mondell / Ambreen Singh'

Sports - George Loureiro


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