Live Event, 9/28/2018 Granite Bay at Whitney

Whitney High School hosts The Granite Bay Grizzlies. Game six. Kickoff is at 7:00 pm. Watch Now


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Unleashed 11.14 - 11.17.16

This week was the week of our 500th Unleashed show, so we took a look back at how our program has changed over the years. On Monday (11.14) we featured a story that looked at our first ever show. Tuesday (11.15) we had a story on the program's achievements and progress over the years. On Wednesday (11.16), we took a look at the creation and growth of our sports program since its creation in 2011. And Friday (11.17) was the 500th show, so we looked at our most memorable moments, and we aired a promo to celebrate the milestone.

This weeks anchors were: 

Productions: Bethany Oh/Sarah Gardner, Jillian Madden/Camille Baldovino; News: Hannah Morrison/Presley Burgess, Sarah Murphy/Savannah Hill; Sports: Bryon Restori, Bre Eastlick

See below to watch the shows:

To watch Monday - WATCH HERE

To watch Tuesday - WATCH HERE

To watch Wednesday - WATCH HERE

To watch Thursday - WATCH HERE