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CLUBS- February 23rd

Clubs: Lily Johnson

Various clubs and organizations here at ECCHS have been very busy with service projects and opportunities for our community! This past week, FFA members took blood drive appointment sign ups for any students at school who want to donate blood for people in need. If you would like to donate, see Mrs. Reid for more details.

The Beta Club is sponsoring a Pennies for Patients campaign to help leukemia and lymphoma patients. They have placed boxes in every teacher’s classroom for any student wishing to donate. Put your loose change in a box, and make a difference! Interact members packed Valentines Bags full of candy for the faculty and staff of ECCHS, and they will be passing them out soon.

Anchor Club members are getting ready to attend the Anchor Convention later in the month, on February 23-25, 2018. They will be sending 33 girls to represent ECCHS at this convention at Lake Lanier. Anchor members also donated items to the Ronald McDonald House charity, and they will be helping out at the Night to Shine Prom for our wonderful students with special needs. If you are interested in joining Anchor, pick up an application from Mrs. Wilson or Mrs. Thompson. They will be due on Friday, February 23rd.

National Honors Society held a meeting on Monday, February 12th to discuss new service projects, like helping with the baseball concession stand. Interact will have their next meeting on Thursday, February 15th.




Fine Arts: Allison McGarity

Two weeks have passed, and the Fine Arts Department still continues to represent Elbert County Comprehensive High School very well. Chorus, Band, and our Drama/One Act Team are working hard on upcoming events, as well as woking on in-classroom task. The administration and staff at ECCHS could not be more proud of these hard working students and teachers.

Band is continuing to prepare for LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation) which will be held on February 28, 2018. In preparation for their competition, a Pre-LGPE concert was held on Tuesday 13, 2018. The Pre-LGPE Concert will include a group of judges to come in and give feedback to the band on what they can do to prepare for the real concert. Every day in class, they spend plenty of time rehearsing their three pieces they will perform at LGPE. Also, they practice sight reading at random times during the week.

The Chorus class at ECCHS has also been in preparation for LGPE which will be held in March. Recently students in the class have been working on an author study on Edgar Allan Poe. The reason for this is because one of the pieces they will be performing at LGPE was written by Poe. Regularly in the classroom students spend time practicing learning key signatures and rhythm. Student Lauren Hart says, “Last week we had a woman come in and teach us how to breathe correctly which was really cool.” Breathing properly helps you to sing louder, and helps you support your notes.

The Drama I, II, and III have all been very active in the classroom. Drama I has been working on a documentary that deals with the dramatic/theatre traditions in other countries around the world including Europe, Asia, and the United States after the Restoration period. Drama II students just finished up rewriting and performing a short story “Witness for the Prosecution.” Students added special touches to make the play even better. Last but not least, Drama III is in the process of working on sketching sets, and have just started construction of a 3D model of a play’s set according to how they think it would be designed.

The Fine Arts Department is huge to ECCHS, and we are very thankful and blessed for what is going on in these classrooms. Fine Arts students work really hard to prepare for all these things, so it is important that you, the community, goes out to support them every chance you can get.