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REVIEWS- February 23rd

Book Review: Amanda McCollough

This week’s book is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott. I read this book over the summer while on a four hour flight to Colorado. My preferred genre of literature is not science fiction or honestly, almost anything other than romance, but wow! This book captivated me, and I couldn’t put it down, nor did I want to. By the end of the flight I was finished with the review and I discussed the book extensively with my aunt.

I wish I could explain the impact Ender’s Game had on my life, but I fear no matter how I try to explain it, the extent of the impact won’t come across. When I finished the book I took a moment to think back on some of the information I had read and I realized that this book was about more than authority figures controlling a few kids. It was about a boy who didn’t have a choice. A boy who was hand picked because of his ruthless, yet kind nature. A boy who learned the hard way everyone is not your friend. This book was about showing its readers even when they seem to be faced with an impossible choice, and it would be easy to revert to death and destruction, there is always a way to be positive and do your best. Throughout this book I grew a great amount of respect for Ender and I hope you all do the same when you check Ender’s Game out from your local library.


Book Review: Chloey Davis

This week, I am reviewing a popular book called  Far From You. This book was written by Tess Sharpe. It was published in 2014 and has gotten very high ratings. The main character, Sophie Winters is on a mission to find who murdered her best friend, and prove her death was not her fault. This intense mystery is sure to have you on your toes!

Sophie Winters is a seventeen year old girl has escaped death not once but twice. The first time was in a dangerous car crash when she was fourteen, which started her addiction to pills. The second time however was everything but an accident that landed her in rehab, and her best friend in the grave. When Sophie follows her best friend into the woods, they are attacked by a masked man who kills Mina, and almost kills Sophie too. The authorities rule it as a drug deal gone wrong and Sophie, who has been clean for months, is put into rehab. After she leaves rehab, she walks into a new harsh reality. Her parents don’t trust her, Mina’s family won't speak to her, and she’s going through it all alone. Despite the challenges, she is determined to find the murderer. As time goes on, it is harder for her to keep the secrets between Mina and herself. She knows that the murder was much more than a drug deal gone wrong. The grief she is feeling from the loss of her best friend keeps her going. With the help of some unlikely accomplices, she is able to uncover two town murders including Mina’s.

This book is a nail biter that’ll have your emotions all over the place for sure. If you like murder-mysteries, this is the book for you. You can find this book in most local bookstores, on Amazon, or other retailers online! If you read it, let us know what you think!