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ACADEMICS- February 23rd

Academics: McKenzie Clark

The second semester is in full swing! At the beginning of February, the students of the month were announced. Jamison Syphore was announced as the PE student of the month, Allie Sword was named as the Academic student of the month by the math department, Malia Jonson was the social studies student of the month, Cadet SGT DJ Veal was named Cadet of the month by the JROTC department, Anna Kubas was named by the science department, Adria Hester was the Language Arts student of the month, and Kevin Nguyen was announced as the career pathway student of the month. Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the good work!

We would also like to say congratulations to all of our Honor Graduates! We have twenty six students graduating with honors; in order to graduate with honors, you must have a weighted average of 93 or higher. We also have eleven student graduating as honors with distinction. In order to graduate with honors with distinction, you must have a weighted average of a 97 or higher. The school also announced the top three students of the 2018 class: Jackson Caruso is the 3rd honor graduate; Eva Jourolmon was named Salutatorian;  Libby Scott was announced as the 2018 Valedictorian! We are so proud of these students and their hard work over the last four years! We would like to congratulate Alyssa Walsky for being named the STAR student of 2017-2018! This year is off to a great start!