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INTERVIEWS- January 19th

Student Interview:

*Spencer Daughtry's trip to the Rose Bowl.

Throughout this spring semester, I am going to be interviewing several students. Some interviews may be about sports, clubs, or any activities going on in the second semester of school. So I am going to start out these interviews with a very exciting topic.

The Rose Bowl: It was such an important game to Georgia Bulldog fans because it restored their hopes about going to the National Championships. Other than Georgia and Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl, Clemson and Alabama went head-to-head in the Sugar Bowl.

How was traveling to Pasadena to watch the Rose Bowl?
-The traveling was fine. We flew to Las Vegas and got there around 11 PM on New Years Eve. We drove the remaining 4 hours to Pasadena and arrived at the stadium around 5 AM because of stops.  

How was the atmosphere when you first got to the game?
-We were one of the first ones to the parking lot and inside the stadium, so at first there weren’t many people but at 8 AM the FanFest opened and there were many places to eat and things to do. So, the atmosphere was energetic as all of the fans were waiting for game time at 2.

Were you nervous before and during the game?  
-Yes. My little cousin, Cooper gets very emotional during and after games so besides being nervous for the outcome in general, I was worried he would be upset for the remainder of the trip.

What was the most memorable and exciting part of the game?
-There were many memorable and exciting parts of the game (especially in the second half), but my favorite had to be when Lorenzo Carter blocked the field goal in 2OT. Even though the game wasn’t over yet, this was really unexpected and shifted the momentum in our favor, which set up Sony Michel’s game winning touchdown.

Did you have any doubts that we would not win during the game?
-Yes. Right before halftime when we were down by 17 points, I still had hope and told myself that we could come back, but if I would’ve seen each teams chances of winning at this point and known that no team in Rose Bowl history had come back from that much of a deficit, I wouldn’t have been as hopeful. When Oklahoma took the lead again with less than 5 minutes left, I thought we had thrown away our lead and there was no way we could send it to OT.

What was your reaction when Georgia won?
-I was pretty much surrounded by UGA fans except for an Oklahoma fan beside me, so once Sony Michel ran in the game winning touchdown, everyone around me formed a group hug. Everyone around me was emotional, and this was the first time a football game made me cry. It was just hard to believe that we came back from that deficit and that we were actually going to the National Championship game.

According to Spencer, “This was the best game I’ve ever witnessed, and even if you were not there to see it in person, everyone got to enjoy this amazing victory on TV.” In the end, the Rose Bowl was a huge success for the Dawgs, because it proved they were willing to put up a fight to win. Once the Rose Bowl was over, everyone at home turned on their TV’s to watch the other semifinal playoff game in New Orleans, Louisiana to see who Georgia would be up against in “Natty.”