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CLUBS- January 19th


Right before school let out for our break for the holidays, all the clubs at ECCHS got together to have yummy snacks and show some Christmas Spirit! Anchor club members distributed gifts to each other, Interact played a game of White Christmas, and Beta collected Christmas candy and cards to distribute at the local nursing homes!

The Clubs and organizations here at ECCHS didn’t show any signs of stopping during the break! Many clubs - Key, Anchor, Beta, and more - had members who braved the cold during December to ring the bell for the Salvation Army at either Walmart or Ingles. We have some dedicated people in this school! Anchor also collected (and is still collecting) used or new blankets to distribute to the homeless so they will have something to cover up with in this chilly weather. If you have one you would like to donate, see Mrs. Thompson or Mrs. Wilson!

As of right now, school is back in full swing, and so are the clubs. Most are planning their first meetings of the 2018 spring semester to discuss upcoming events and their new courses of action! The Jack Frost Jump, held on January 20th at Lake Richard B. Russell, is one of the first events scheduled this year. Anchor members, Key Club members, Beta members, Interact members, NHS members, and other club members at ECCHS are strongly urged to help benefit Elbert Memorial Hospital by dressing up, or not, and jumping into freezing water. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s really not that bad! Help our local hospital out and make plans to attend. You can even bring a friend.

Clubs and organizations at ECCHS are making big changes in our community by playing such an active role. If you are not part of a club, take a leap of faith and join! You never know what opportunities will await if you do. On behalf of the Blue Print, we wish you good luck in this upcoming semester!


Fine Arts Department:  Allison McGarity

The Chorus class, band, and Dramatic Devils are off to an amazing start this school year. The ECCHS Fine Arts Department has a lot of hard working students who put a lot of time into what they do-- not to mention on top of all of their hard work inside the classroom.

For instance, chorus: Students that are in chorus spend countless hours in and out of class working on pieces for concerts, events, and competitions. Some annual events that the chorus participates in are FAD Fest, LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation), and yearly concerts.  

The Dramatic Devils also practice countless hours in and out of school to work on plays that will be performed by the community and at competitions. The Dramatic Devils are led by Mrs. Tracy Brown, who is just amazing. She works so hard with her students to make them the best they can be to represent ECCHS.

Another hard working group that ECCHS has is the band. The ECCHS band puts so much time into working on competition shows, halftime shows, and concerts. Getting ready for competitions can be very stressful, tiresome, and aggravating, but they all put everything they have into it to make it look amazing.

To say the least, ECCHS has so many talented students that make the teachers and staff proud supporters. Throughout this next semester, I will reviewing the Fine Arts Department and keeping you up to date on their busy schedules. By providing information to you, I hope that you can come out and support these hard working Devils.