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INTERVIEWS- Fall Semester in Review

Student Interview Review: Lily Johnson

Over the fall 2017 semester, students at ECCHS have been part of many things! The freshmen got to experience their first semester of high school. The sophomores started to feel more comfortable with high school now that they aren’t the “babies” of the bunch. The juniors are starting to feel high school winding down, and the seniors are, well, the seniors. After this Christmas break, they will be experiencing their last semester of high school before they go to college. There have been many student interviews over this semester, where The Blue Print got up close and personal with our students, and, in this article, you will receive a rundown of everything we interviewed about in each month.

Starting in August, we asked students how they felt about the solar eclipse that occured on Monday, August 21st. Some students thought the eclipse would be “cooler than it was,” while some students were just happy to get out of school. In our second edition of The Blue Print, junior Daniel Lavender was interviewed about his school involvement.

Our next student interview centered around Labor Day, and what students at ECCHS did over this national holiday. Some students had fun at the lake with friends and family, while others went out of town. In our next student interview, we interviewed senior Katelyn Dove about Homecoming week and preparation. During the next edition of The Blue Print, Homecoming was in full swing. Sophomore Lauren Hart was interviewed about her Homecoming week, and what would take place to get her ready. For the next student interview, freshman Savannah Dove was interviewed about her Homecoming night and everything she did before, during, and after the dance. As you can tell, Homecoming is very important here at ECCHS! The next student interview took place during the heart of October, and freshman Lola Dunn was interviewed about her Halloween thoughts and traditions. For the next student interview, sophomore Gavin Brady, a wrestler here at ECCHS, was interviewed about his thoughts on the upcoming wrestling season.

The next student interview was about the upcoming basketball season, and sophomore player Maggie Campbell was interviewed about her thoughts on the new season. Our next student interview centered around the Anchor club, and we interviewed a student in the club about her favorite aspects of Anchor. By the next student interview, ECCHS was getting ready for Thanksgiving, so, naturally, we interviewed a student, junior Chris Martin, about his favorite Thanksgiving traditions, food, and memories. For our next, and last interview of the semester, Amber Rucker was interviewed about her involvement with the ECCHS Daily Buzz.

I would say this semester has been one for the books for most students at ECCHS! Hopefully next semester will be even better! Thank you for reading! We wish you good luck on your upcoming tests, and we hope you have fun over Christmas break.

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Teacher Interview Review: Natalie Avery

For the teacher interviews of the weekly articles, we interviewed multiple teachers and coaches that have filled us up with many facts and information about various topics. Sherri Rampey talked about the Solar Eclipse. Sherri was on a pontoon out in the middle of Clarks Hill Lake with her family during the solar eclipse and said it was about 2:42 p.m when the moon fully covered the sun.

Coach Alton Smith was interviewed about the start of football season.  Coach Smith was asked what his favorite part about football season was and he replied “ My favorite part is definitely watching my son play.” Coach Smith goes to Blue Devil games and Madison County games, and he enjoys watching the Clemson games at home.

Daniela Cavanaugh was asked about her plans on Labor Day, questions about school, and questions about what she does in her free time. Mrs. Cavanaugh has a very busy, but suitable lifestyle. She loves her job and her students.

Leslie Johnson was interviewed about where she went to college. Leslie attended the University of Georgia but gives advice to undergraduates to think hard about where you want to go and take the degree programs a school offers into great consideration.

Phil Bohlen was interviewed on being teacher of the year. Mr. Bohlen was asked how long he has been a teacher and answered, “Since 1982.  First in North Carolina (82-91) then ECCHS (1991- present)”.

Michelle Dye was interviewed about her teacher career. We learned that ECCHS is not the only place she has taught at. Mrs. Dye has also taught at Morgan County and Savannah Country Day School in Savannah, Georgia.

Kelly Gary was asked about what her favorite things to do during fall. One of her favorite things to do was to bake a chocolate pie.

Coach Michael Pruitt was interviewed about the start of wrestling season. Coach Pruitt was asked “What is your favorite part about wrestling”? He answered, ”My favorite part of wrestling is the competition. It is a battle between you and one other guy, and, it should be just like that at practice.”

Wes Greer was interviewed about his favorite part about basketball. Coach Greer’s favorite part is “watching (them) start playing basketball as a team”. This is why Coach Greer does not pick captains; he likes to watch the students work together.

Katie Thompson was interviewed on  being Anchor advisor. Katie Thompson has been anchor advisor for 8 years!

Nat McCarty was asked about how he celebrated Thanksgiving. Mr. McCarty starts every Thanksgiving off by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and the dog show that follows.

Leslie Johnson was asked about the Daily Buzz. We asked questions about how  the Daily Buzz started and what she hopes to add to the Daily Buzz in the future.  Mrs. Johnson says that she has ideas for contest and additional special segments that she hopes will entice students to watch the show.

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Where are they now?- Review

This year we caught up with ECCHS alumni. ECCHS graduates have went many places and done many things after graduating. They continue to pursue their dreams and make us very proud here at ECCHS.

We started the year off with Leanne Layne. Leanne was a former Majorette here at ECCHS and continued her love of the sport as an UGA Majorette and later coaching her own baton team and the present ECCHS Majorettes. We then went on to talk about Mary Truett. Mary graduated in 2017, and like her coach Leanne Layne, she went on to twirl at UGA. You can catch her between the hedges during Saturdays in Athens! The next week, we caught up with Michael McGarity. Michael graduated in 1989 and was an active member at ECCHS. Michael continues to participate in school events and is a current member of the True Blue Board.

In the first week of October, we talked about Jason Smith’s accomplishments. Jason spent his time in high school studying, which got him far in life. Jason now owns his own accounting business. Next we talked about Elbert County’s very own Clay Page. Throughout high school Clay loved one thing, singing. After High School Clay pursed his dream of working in the music industry. Clay now owns his own music studio and recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee in hopes to further his career in music. Next, we caught up with Jessica Durham. Jessica was very active at ECCHS. She was a varsity football cheerleader and was a member of Anchor, Interact, and the yearbook staff. Jessica was recently accepted into Piedmont College and hopes to become a nurse soon.

At the beginning of November, we talked to Miranda McCarty. Miranda never knew what she wanted to do once she graduated; she never expected to have her own family by this time, but she said she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Lastly, we caught up with a recent graduate, Bryce Bowen. Bryce graduated in 2017 as an honor graduate, and he now plays baseball at Clemson University. Way to go, Bryce!

We couldn’t be prouder to call these people ECCHS alumni, and remember: once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil!