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SEASONAL- Fall Semester in Review

Seasonal and DIY In Review:


Throughout this year, the journalism staff has written many articles over DIYs, holidays, and traditions about the seasons throughout this semester. From back to school, Thanksgiving and Christmas, here is the overview of this semester's seasonal articles:

When we came back to school in August, we wrote our first seasonal article about coming back to school and the upcoming football season. In the article, we wrote about back-to-school studying tips and hacks. Also in August, we wrote about the upcoming Labor day holiday and asked different students and teachers about what their plans were for this year’s Labor Day.

Since September 4th was Labor Day, we wrote a DIY article on how to make an American Flag headband wreath. We also provided a DIY for a fall wreath, because fall was September 22nd.  For a seasonal article, we covered the history of fall and how the name became. Another topic we covered, in September, was all the hurricanes that were occuring during the time including Irma, Harvey, and Jose.  

For October, we did several seasonal and DIY articles. Some of the DIY articles included: a terracotta pot scarecrow, “Forever pumpkin” light jars, and lollipop ghosts. These DIY were super easy and great decorations for October! During October, the seasonal article were about the wonderful season including fall and Halloween.

In November, we did more DIY and seasonal article for the fall season. We made cupcakes and a greeting sign. Both of these DIYs were fantastic and fun! For the seasonal articles we wrote about more fall activities/festivities, and we also covered the upcoming Thanksgiving season.

Lastly, in December, we talked about the “Most wonderful time of the year!” For the DIYs we gave instructions on how to make a snowman ornament for your Christmas tree. We also gave the instructions and ingredients for Christmas Crinkle Cookies and a DIY Christmas container to give to family and friends. This is our last seasonal and DIY article for this semester! Come back for more seasonal and DIY articles full of traditions, projects, and festivities!

The Journalism Staff hopes you had time to try one of our DIYs or try a new seasonal tradition with your family and friends. We wish you a very Happy Holidays and New Year!