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INTERVIEWS- December 8th

Teacher Interview with Leslie Johnson

This week for our interview we decided to learn some more about our Daily Buzz crew. The Daily Buzz produces a daily show to inform student of important dates and upcoming events. First we interviewed Leslie Johnson, the producer of the Daily Buzz.

Q: What goes into making the daily buzz?

A: Everybody has jobs they have to do to gather the news. We have to have anchors, so I try to involve as many people from my classes as possible, but some prefer to stay behind the scenes. WE are always trying to come up with new ideas to add to the show, so creative minds are a must!

Q: What made you think of the idea of starting a daily show?

A: I’ve always wanted to start one at the high school since Sue Matthews left. When she was here they only aired weekly.

Q: What is your job as a producer of the daily buzz?

A: I have the final say on ideas for segments. I help with editing videos for the show, and oversee the whole production.

Q: What do you hope to add to the Daily Buzz in the future?

A: We have ideas for contest and additional special segments that we hope will entice students to watch the show.


Student Interview with Amber Rucker

Amber Rucker is a student that works on our Daily Buzz crew on the morning announcements. Amber informs students about upcoming events and important dates that students of ECCHS need to know about.

Q: When did you start working for the Daily Buzz

A: Sophomore year

Q: If there is one thing you would change about the Daily Buzz what would it be?

A: I would fix the lag of the announcements and I would add “Ambers Corner” where It would just be just me talking about anything you may want to know.

Q: Why did you start working for the Daily Buzz?

A: Because I LOVE to talk to people!