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SEASONAL- December 8th

Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone is starting to put up their Christmas trees and other decorations. There are so many cute DIY projects that can be made by kids in the classroom or at home with your family. This diy ornament is fun and easy for everyone!

This snowman ornament is adorable and creative and only takes a few simple steps. The things you’ll need for this craft are:

A clear glass ball ornament

Small white styrofoam balls or cotton balls

Black, orange, and white paint

Pipe cleaners

Fuzzy craft balls/ pom poms

First, paint a snowman face on the front of your ornament however you choose. Next, take the top off the ornament and fill it with the balls and replace the top when it’s full. Finally to make the earmuffs, hot glue a pipe cleaner to the top of the ornament and put a fuzzy ball on each end. Now your craft is done and you have the cutest snowman ornament to hang on your tree or give as a gift. I hope you everyone likes this DIY and have fun making it!