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REVIEWS- November 10th

Book Review by Chloey Davis

Have you ever heard of or read the book The Girl On The Train? The novel was written by British author Paula Hawkins. It was number 1 on The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of 2015 list in February, and remained in the top until April. The story is told from the point of view of three women: Rachel, Megan, and Anna.

Rachel watson is a 32 year old woman who is recently divorced, unemployed, and is a diagnosed alcoholic. She takes the train to work everyday and she soon begins to fantasize about the adorable young couple that she sees briefly twice a day from her seat on the train. Rachel has never met them and knows nothing about the far from perfect life of Megan Hipwell or that she works for Rachel’s ex-husband and his new wife, Anna. One day, Rachel is stunned to see Megan kissing a man who is definitely not her husband. After a night of heavy drinking,she finds herself bloody and injured, with no memories of the night before.

Soon, she learns that one of the top stories of the day is that Megan is missing. Rachel starts to become interested in the missing persons case and goes very far with her own investigating. Rachel finds out that Tom was having an affiar with his babysitter, Megan and that he is not the man he says he is. After some more of her investigations,     she soon realises that Tom is the person who killed Megan. Rachel warns Anna, and Anna confronts Tom, and he confesses to murdering Megan because he had gotten her pregnant. Scared for her own life, Anna keeps quiet but Rachel doesn't. When confronting tom, he gets violent with her. In an attempt to defend herself, she stabs him with a corkscrew in the neck, killing him. Overall, this is one of my favorite books and i recommend it for anyone who enjoys thrillers or dramatic books.


Movie Review by Elizabeth Vaughn

As October comes to a close and everybody begins taking down their halloween decorations, people begin to think about the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Everybody has their own, different way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Some traditions include baking a pie as a family, playing a game of football in the backyard, or watching the Thanksgiving day parade.

My family and I always enjoy watching our favorite Thanksgiving holiday movie, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. Even though the movie is only around 40 minutes long, it's still a classic and a great family friendly movie to watch on Thanksgiving day! “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” was released on the 20th of November in 1973, and is a short, animated family comedy. In the movie Peppermint Patty introduces “Friendsgiving” when she invites herself and all her friends over to Charlie Brown's house for a Thanksgiving celebration with Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock.

Charlie Brown attempts to make a Thanksgiving dinner, and it doesn’t work out as he hoped. Marcie then reminds Charlie Brown that the holiday is about being with your friends and loved ones. This movie is a great example of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. To see what Charlie Brown served at the dinner (instead of turkey), you might just have to watch the movie yourself!






TV Review by Gracie Page

In the past few years, movies, television shows, books, etc. have incorporated one similar subject: zombies. These creatures have become popular in television dramas, scary movies, and more. One particular television show that has been quite successful with their incorporation of the living dead has been The Walking Dead.

The drama is based on a comic books series by Robert Kirkman. The first season aired on AMC in 2010 and has recently began their eighth season. The series is based on different characters trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. One other interesting fact about the show is that much of the first few seasons were filmed right here in Georgia. Scenes were shot in Atlanta and led to the creation of The Walking Dead tour of all the places different scenes were filmed.

As the show progressed from season to season, a prequel called Fear The Walking Dead was released. The prequel is an attempt to show events leading up to the apocalypse. While I have not watched Fear The Walking Dead, I have managed to stay caught up with The Walking Dead. My personal opinion is that the show continues to stay exciting and can be frightening at times. It also is not predictable like most zombie shows. Of course they have to fight the dead, but at times the characters find themselves having to watch out for the living as well.