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INTERVIEWS- November 10th

Interviews and WATN: Amanda McCollough and Morgan Scott


Basketball season has begun! Tryouts have officially started, but we won’t see the end of the season until early February. Their first practice occurred on November 1st, and their first game will take place on November 16th; they will be playing Calhoun Falls. We recently met with sophomore Maggie Campbell. Even though she is only in 10th grade, this will be her second year on the varsity team as a point guard. We also met with Coach Greer who, even though relatively new to the school, has been coaching basketball for 18 years. Finally, we interviewed Bryce Bowen, an ECCHS alumni who nows plays baseball for Clemson University.


Questions for Maggie Campbell:


1. Are you excited about the season ahead of you?


“Yes, I feel like we have improved a lot since last year and this season is definitely going to be a good season for us as a team.”


2. Have you been doing any extra prep work lately to make sure you’re in shape to play?


“Most definitely, I really try to do extra prep work by myself before and after practice to make sure I’m ready. I want to be able to assist my team on the court in any way I can.”


3. What’s your favorite part of playing basketball?


“Well, I don’t necessarily have a favorite part. I mean, I love the game and everything that comes with it but just having that family base in your team and knowing you always have them on the court and they’re always there for you. Also, I love the competition. It’s almost like going into battle, except not really.”


4. Have you made any great friends through the ECCHS Basketball team?


“Oh yeah, I have made friendships I am sure will last a lifetime. Like I said earlier, we’re a family. I have no doubt they are all going to be there with me. It’s like having 12 built in sisters.”


5. How well do you think this season is going to go?


“I think our season will go extremely well if we just make sure to play as a team and work together. We need to listen to Coach Greer and make sure to keep our heads up. I am sure we can make the a winning season this year if we give it our all.”



Questions for Coach Greer:


1. Do you have any new methods you are going to try when coaching this year?


“Yes, we are actually going to try a 5 out offense since we are not very big in the post. We are doing more of an open dribble drive technique (When you open up the inside so your guards can try to score and kick out to the weak side of the other team.)”


2. How do you think this season is going to go?


“I don’t know. We are in the toughest region of the state. Preseason there are three teams from our region ranked in the top 10 and we are not one of them.”


3. Is the try out process and cutting people hard or do you generally have an idea of the types of players you want on your court?


“Well, I know who I want but it’s still hard when you have someone who wants to be on the team but not everyone can. If I ended up keeping everyone who tried out no one would be happy because 40 people can’t play every game.”


4. Do you all have any special things planned?

“We have some pretty neat things planned for this season. On November 15th we have a Toys for Tots Drive and then on the 19th we have an Ugly Christmas Sweater Night and you can get into the  game for $2. We also will have some student nights where you can get in for $2 or $3.”


5. What is your favorite part of being a coach?

“I think my favorite part is watching (them) start playing basketball as a team. That is one of the reasons I don’t chose captains or a leader: I want them all to work together as one.”


High school is an important step before facing the “real world.” Many students count on high school to teach them life lessons, traits and responsibility that they cannot get elsewhere. After attending ECCHS for four years, students graduate and begin their new journey of life. The young attitude of college being easy and being able to keep in close contact with your best high school friends almost always fades to the background as the reality sets in. College is hard. Transition into adulthood is hard. You cannot always continue the relationships you made in high school on with you later in life. However, there are always exceptions and Bryce Bowen is one of those.


Bryce Bowen is one of those graduates who still remain in contact with his high school friends. Bryce, a 2017 ECCHS honor graduate with distinction and Varsity Baseball alumni, attends Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.  Bryce, being that he plays baseball for the Clemson Tigers, draws some of his friends to his baseball games. They come and cheer him on.


Bryce plays 1B, LHP, and OF at Clemson. According to the Perfect Game website, Bryce is ranked 3rd for his position of 1B and overall 39th for the Georgia State Rank-Class of 2017. Also according the Perfect Game website, Bryce had a 4.5 GPA, a score of 1200 on the SAT, and a score of 28 on the ACT. There is no question why he had honors with distinction and  attended Clemson University.


We wish Bryce the best with his new journey of life beginning with college, whether it be his baseball career or academics! ECCHS is proud to have had you as a student, and we hope that you strive with the Tigers, but always remember, “Once a Blue Devil, always a Blue Devil!”