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SPORTS- November 3rd

Lake Hartwell Festival Marching Competition

By Emily Edwards and Amanda McCollough


Last Saturday marked a big win for us Blue Devils. The Elbert County Blue Devil Marching Band brought home fifteen trophies from the Lake Hartwell Festival Marching Competition. If you were lucky enough to attend, you would know our band, percussion, majorettes and color guard presented their best competition performance yet.


The band members started off their morning with an early practice at 10:15 A.M. before they set off for Hartwell, Georgia. Mr. Everhart encouraged the kids to put 110% into their morning practice so they would be even more prepared for the performance later on. The kids loaded up the bus and made their way to the competition. There were over twenty bands who came with the hopes of winning the variety of trophies. After hours of preparing with a few pep talks in between, our band took the field at 4:20. If you have attended any football games you might have already seen the competition piece, “The Good (K)night.” The competition show consists of four individual, intricate movements with artistic designs and visual effects.


Mr. Everhart said, “Our Blue Devil Band did very well at the competition is Hartwell this past Saturday!” The band sections, including drum major, percussion, majorettes and color guard, were awarded with superior ratings. As the awards progressed, the competition shifted to the overall class and division awards. The Elbert County Band was in class AA, as well as the silver division. Drum majors, color guards, percussion, majorettes and the band were awarded first in class AA. The band also brought home first, second and third trophies in the silver division; the drum majors second in silver division, color guard third, percussion first, majorettes first and the overall band was awarded second. The Blue Devil Band left everything on the field and were very excited with the overall results. We interviewed low brass section leader, Spencer Daughtry about his experience in this particular band competition. He stated his favorite part of the night was, “hearing the announcer call out all the superior ratings and first in class for everything since we worked so hard and practiced for long hours!” An additional quote was from senior Logan Vickery who said, “It felt like an awesome performance and also an emotional performance knowing that was my last marching competition as a Blue Devil.”


Here at Elbert County Comprehensive High School, we are so proud of our Blue Devil Band for representing Elbert County with the utmost amount of talent. We cannot wait to see what else the band has in store for us. It is a proven fact that “Ain’t nothin’ finer in the land than the Elbert County Blue Devil Marching Band!” Go Blue!