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INTERVIEWS- November 3rd

Interviews: Ellie Jourolmon and Morgan Scott


Wrestling season is coming up, and the wrestlers and coaches are starting to prepare for the upcoming season. Their first official practice was yesterday, Monday, October 23, and lasted for about two and a half hours. The wrestlers are preparing for their first match on November 11th at Jackson County High School. In our interview, we asked questions based off wrestling etiquette, favorite aspect of the sport, and any special traditions they might have. Below you can read our interviews, compare your own thoughts and ideas, see how they relate to an actual wrestler and coach, and see if wrestling is anything like you imagined.


Wrestler, Gavin Brady:

How do you think this season will go?

-”We have a large number of freshman this year, so it could go either way.”

What has the team done to prepare for the season?

-”The team has practiced techniques, lifted weights, and performed a hydration test.”

What is a hydration test?

-”It is a test is to see if you are properly hydrated.”

What is your favorite part about wrestling?

-”My favorite part about wrestling is going to the Macon Centerplex with the audience watching you. My overall favorite part is the rush from the audience, because all eyes are on you.”

What do you most look forward to during the season?

-”I look forward to the home matches in the Inferno.”

Do you have any special traditions for match day?

-”I listen to music to pump me up.”

Does the team do anything special for wrestling matches?

-”The team has to rest, get hydrated, and get warmed up.”


Coach, Michael Pruitt:

How do you think the season will go?

-”We are super young. We have no seniors, two juniors, and the rest are underclassmen. The season could go either way, but we are going to surprise a lot of people. We do not look as good on paper this year, but we have a lot of potential.”

Are you trying any new techniques?

-”This year we are sticking with the techniques that work. The only change we will have this year is that we are going to be more physical.”

What is your favorite part about wrestling?

-”My favorite part of wrestling is the competition. It is a battle between you and one other guy, and, it should be just like that at practice.”

What is the biggest difference between coaching wrestling versus being a wrestler?

-“When I am coaching wrestling, it is out of my control and the only thing I can do is prepare them the best I can and let them do their thing.”

What is one special traditions yall have?

-”One special tradition is if you make the finals for tournaments you get to wear white singlets.”



Where Are They Now?


After high school, students part in different directions and some lose contact with their former classmates. Many students wonder what their old buddies are up to, and where they are in life. This week I interviewed Miranda McCarty about what she is doing now, after graduating from Elbert County Comprehensive High School in the class of 2010.


Over the years, as we grow, some of our plans and focuses change. Throughout high school Miranda had no idea what she wanted to do in the future and said she always life took life day by day. She now says, “I never imagined having a family of my own at this time, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!”


Miranda works at Northeast Georgia Bank as a loan processor. She also works on her farm with her husband, Ty McCarty. Miranda’s pride and joy is her energetic, three year old son, Barrett. We are so proud to call Miranda an Elbert County graduate!