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Clubs- FCCLA

Clubs: FCCLA: Emily Edwards


On Wednesday October 18th, a few girls traveled to the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America Fall Leadership Conference. It was held in Covington, Georgia and the group traveled up there during school. Club Officers Aleigh Robertson, Jade Moss, Zoe Harris and Jamara Rambert traveled with their advisor April Eubanks to learn more about FCCLA and how to expand their leadership abilities in the club.


At the FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference the girls and Mrs. Eubanks visited different sessions to learn how to better themselves. While there the girls had the opportunity to take a Statesman Test. The Statesman test consisted of multiple choice questions about the club including local and state centered questions. If you took the test and made a 85 or higher, you would receive the statesman award. All of the girls participated in the test and were considered towards the awards. Club officer, Aleigh Robertson was the only one to earn the prestigious award from the group. I asked Aleigh a question on her experience at the conference. She responded with, “I had a great time and learned a few new things at FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference. I am so glad i learned new and effective ways to better myself and the club.”


We here at ECCHS are proud of the FCCLA club and their hard work and even more proud of the girls who traveled to the conference to help better the club and learn leadership skills. Your hard work is appreciated!