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Clubs- Anchor

Clubs: Anchor: McKenzie Clark


Have you ever wanted a little or big sister? Have you ever wanted to do a scavenger hunt all over town? If you answered yes, then you should join Anchor next year! At their October meeting, the Anchor club revealed their little/big sister, initiated the new members, and roasted smores out by a bonfire.

The October meeting was held at Anna Kubas’ house. The general business and announcements were quick. The advisors quickly reviewed service projects for the month and explained the fundraiser, and then the fun began! First was the big/little sister reveal. Each “Big” dressed up in a Halloween costume and each “Little” dressed up in a corresponding costume. Then the “Little” stood behind a sheet and the sheet was dropped to reveal the “Big.” After the reveal, the club split into eight groups and began a scavenger hunt all across town. Each group had to find all eight cards hidden over town. The cards were hidden at Bojangles, The Granite Bowl, Golf Course, McWilliams Park, the high school, the library, the Elbert Theatre, and Trendy Retail.

Anchor officers also initiated the admirals for the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to Jackson Caruso, Logan Vaughn, and Diego Martinez for being selected. The next anchor meeting will be held November 6th. The members plan to pack goodie bags for the Veterans ceremony at the High School.