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DIY- Lolly Pop Ghost

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are looking for some easy, last-minute ideas for Halloween decorations, including some creative students here at ECCHS. What better way to decorate your house than with a Do-It-Yourself lollipop ghost? These little cuties are simple and sweet by incorporating candy with decor. All you need is…



Lollipops of your choice (tootsie roll pops work well)

Small rubber band

Ribbon/balloon string



Instructions to make:

First, you take a tissue and lay it on a flat surface. Next, you cut another tissue into fourths and place one of those pieces in the middle of the original tissue. This reduces tearing when you tie the tissue around the lollipop. Once you complete the first two steps, you place the lollipop in the center of the smallest tissue, and wrap the tissue around the lollipop to imitate a ghost. Next, once you’ve gathered the tissue below the lollipop after wrapping it, you place the small rubber band around it to keep the tissue in place.

To make the lollipop ghost cute and festive, take some black and orange balloon string/ribbon and tie it around the rubber band. Finally, take a sharpie and put some little eyes on your ghost.


Once you get finished making this cute little treat, you can either decorate around your house or pass them out as gifts. If you normally have a lot of trick-or-treaters, this is a definite way to step up your candy game! If you try this DIY out, be sure to snap some pictures to show us. We would love to see your Halloween decoration ideas you get from us! Happy (almost) Halloween, ECCHS!