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Movie Review- It

With Halloween approaching, movie theatres have filled the marquees with new horror films. One specific horror movie that has become quite popular is the remake of the 1990 film, It. The focus of the film is a clown that emerges from a sewer every twenty-seven years to prey on children.  The town is convinced that there is a serial killer on the loose and refuses to believe the outrageous claim of a clown being the culprit.

While I have not personally seen the movie, I have heard many people comment on the overall quality of the film. Unlike most horror films that have been produced lately, It lacks gory scenes. People have also commented that there are times that the movie does in fact scare the socks off of your feet. While there are scary moments, the movie incorporates a good variety of both horror and humor.

The overall commentary has led those who have watched the bone chilling film to give the movie a very good rating. In fact, many would consider It a “must see”. If you wish to make plans for Halloween, most would suggest going to see this movie. Just remember, the frightening clown, Pennywise, feeds on fear.