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Sports- Cross Country (Update)

Sports - Cross Country

Cross Country is a major part of Elbert County Comprehensive High School. We have close to thirty students participating in this sport! They have practice almost every day after school and it usually consists of warming up and then going on a run. I should know; I have had to “part the red sea” of students when leaving the school late on multiple occasions.

If you are reading this article in time, you are just in luck because the team is having a meet today in Banks County! They are running at 4:30 PM. If you can’t make it you should definitely be thinking about them because I have heard the course for today’s meet is rough. Apparently it is all uphill – “literally Mount Everest” is what I have been told.

I have one very special friend in Cross Country so I have tried my best to attend as many meets as I could so I could cheer her on. Since going, I have actually made quite a few more friends I don’t believe I would have made had I not gone to the meets. I now know almost everyone on the team and my choice of cheer for everyone is, “Woohoooo!” If you have not been to a Cross Country meet, I highly recommend going for the thrill of the race, atmosphere, meeting new people from other schools, and supporting students of our own.