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Sports- Lady Devils Softball

Sports: Softball: Ellie Jourolmon


The Lady Devils Softball Team season has made it to an end. On Wednesday, October 11, the Lady Devils played against Rockmart in the first round of state play-offs. The winner of the double header would be continuing into the second round. Sadly, the Lady Devils lost both and their season had to come to an early ending.


The first game ended with a defeat with the score of 12 to 3. The Lady Devils were run ruled in the fifth inning, ending the game. Senior Sydney Blackmon hit an out of the park home-run scoring one of the few runs. Sydney along with Allie Dunn pitched during the game, striking out many batters. The Lady Devils also lost in the second game with the score of 10 to 1. During this game, Sydney pitched throughout the entire game. Even with many hits made, the Lady Devils were unable to catch up with the Lady Yellowjackets and ended up getting run ruled in the sixth inning.


Overall, the Lady Devils had a great season this year. The season was full of lots of excitement and accomplishments. Allie Dunn says, “This season was one of my favorite seasons yet, it was full of so much joy and I experience so many things I will carry around with me throughout my entire life.” Many players has described this season as great season that just ended to fast.